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About us

Our Company history starts in the year 1967, when a group of Italian and Spanish descendant, being enthusiast for farming and their own product trading, undertake the challenge of producing and providing the country and the world with the best vegetables

This passion gave birth to our GISPE S.A.C.I.A. business unit, which started up with a main goal of developing a high-quality agricultural production, thus reaching those time strategic markets. At that first stage, the company obtained an encouraging outcome, taking a stand either in the local or national market and being one of the first companies of the business sector that started dealing directly with Buenos Aires market – one of the most important trading locations of the country. As years passed gaining experience, we became stronger within international markets.

One of our main achievements has doubtlessly been the company well managing from generation to generation under the administration of the same founding partners, who work actively on the firm everyday tasks. This fact grows GISPE stronger, not only considering the excellent partners’ relationship but the relation they have with people working at the company, fulfilling a sense of belonging, and pride, and permanent commitment to the workplace.

From 1972, our group decided to boost our product output to the world. The large tradition kept over the years and the product quality obtained, as well as the constant commitment and effort have resulted in our presence in more than 30 countries, maintaining and increasing the prestige achieved.

In the year 2004, we have achieved our second business unit: PUENTE BLANCO S.A., born of the increasing demand coming from the international export markets. Therefore, with the purpose of consolidating the existing markets and capturing new ones, PUENTE BLANCO S.A. has been certified by different procedure and regulation standards, enabling us to globally compete with highly demand levels.

Our pride and challenge for the next years to come is to keep on developing conventional, organic or biodynamic products always acknowledging that our land conditions and processes constant improvement take part of this purpose.

Year after year, we meet the commitment to improve our products and guarantee topnotch service. However, we realize that we have to keep on improving, and this moves us to persist in being competent and a pattern in the commercial area.

The time, effort, technology, and synergy demanded by our global and highly competitive world have determined the features by which our business group is identified today: experiencia, seriedad, calidad y confiabilidad.



We are pioneers in the incorporation of processes and technology of first level in the sector, positioning us as an advanced company in the industry with excellent outcome in the market.


The sustainable production processes we have developed are guaranteeing the nature and quality of our products. Protecting and preserving the balance of the environment intervened, we are preserving our resources and guaranteeing their use for future generations. This development places us at the forefront of the local, national and international industry.


Our service and products quality are certified by GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP ((Good Manufactural Practices), and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), a GRASP module of Global Gap. While our production and organic packaging is certified by IFOAM, NOP, JAS, and CANADA EQUIVALENCE; our biodynamic crops are by DEMETER,


Our nonstop-forty-year experience guarantees our products quality, superb service, and constant presence in the international markets.


Customer´s satisfactions is our first objective; thus, all our effort and attention are devoted to them.


Being in due-time-and-manner in all the world markets requiring our products is our challenge.


Our long track record, product quality, constant commitment, and effort have achieved an international recognition, with an effective presence in more than 30 countries.


Following the proper methodology that is required by our certifiers, our plantings spread throughout the Argentine territory, guaranteeing the procurements of products for the whole year. Since they are seasonal products with their own conditions and characteristics, this chance gives us a constant presence in the market, without resigning their quality.

Mendoza province is the location of our most important production, most of them at the Andes mountain range foot. This privileged area is not only totally natural and free of pollution, but also provides us with pure irrigation water with unparalleled qualities for our products. The harvest is carried out alternating specialized labor with state-of-the-art machinery. The land transportation of products to the different establishments is achieved by trucks, which comply with all the required transport norms and safety regulations.

Once in the establishment, the products are processed by leading-edge machinery and permanently trained and skilled labor, ensuring health throughout the process. Our companies employ more than 500 people, cooperating with the locally social development of our settlement area.

When the final product is ready, they are transported to the different national and international markets. We include a CONSOLIDATION, DISPATCHING AND CUSTOMS ON OUR PLANT. We also have quality control service at source for each load.

PUENTE BLANCO S.A. is the unique horitcultural plant in the region that works as costums operator in its own export plant. this is a logistic advantage and a great recognition for its impecable record track.”


In response to the globalized market high demands, we have obtained different certifications that contribute both to the excellence of our products and to the high standards of work.

International certifications:

  • GLOBAL G.A.P., B.P.A (Good Agricultural Practices)

  • B.P.M. (Good Manufacturing Practices)

  • Organic Agriculture: IFOAM, NOP, JAS

  • We are in certification progress for Biodynamic Production of Carbon Footprint and ISO 14001.

Our challenge is to continue obtain different certifications in order to respond to each of the demands arising in the market.



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